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TQ4, Paignton, Devon

TQ4, Paignton, Devon is a beautiful coastal town located in the heart of the English Riviera. The stunning beaches and waterfront promenade are a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning views. The area also has plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes, making it a great place for a day out.

The town centre is also full of independent shops and boutiques, as well as a wide range of restaurants and pubs. There is also a range of leisure facilities, including a swimming pool, cinema, and bowling alley.

For those looking for a more peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, there are plenty of residential areas to choose from. Goodrington, Roundham and Torquay are all great places to live. They offer picturesque views of the bay and easy access to the town centre. There are also plenty of outdoor activities in the area, including cycling, walking and sailing.

Area Stats

Average value of properties for sale in TQ4, Paignton, Devon: £232,000

Average value of:
  • Flat for sale in TQ4, Paignton, Devon: £135,000

  • Detached house for sale in TQ4, Paignton, Devon: £402,498

  • Terraced house for sale in TQ4, Paignton, Devon: £277,500